Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook doesn't show your posts...

Why Facebook posts don't show up in your newsfeed.
You've 'Liked' the Facebook page and both the 'Like' & 'Following' buttons turn blue. So you think you are going to get our posts... you're NOT.

Facebook has turned off the notifications, so you won't be getting any.

If you want to see our posts and any other business you have 'Liked' you will need to do the following after you 'Like' the page.

Click on the 'Following' icon, when that opens, turn on the 'Get Notifications' button.

Facebook was very sneaky in doing this - when we post something, it only goes to a few people, then they 'offer' if you want to reach more people, pay us and we'll let everyone who 'Liked' your page know about this.

Please help us and any other small business that you have 'Liked' and turn on the notifications - we appreciate your business and would like for you to know what is going on.

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