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~Classes We Offer~

If you are interested in taking a class and would like updates,
please fill out the class inquiry form.

Since schedules are so crazy and we would like to accommodate everyone, we are scheduling classes around your time, not ours... and if there is a craft that isn't listed, please mention it below and we will make a class for you.

All our prices include the tax, other items included are listed after the price.

This list is under construction... some, if not all, information could be missing... check back often for updates or just pick the classes you are interested in and we will update you by email.

We also have DIY  - Make it / Take it Projects ***
You can come anytime, space permitting and complete a project.
We don't teach these, but we are here if you need help.
Keep an eye here for the latest projects.

Bavarian Crochet

more information to come...

Bead Looming

more information to come...

Brioche Knitting

Knit with 2 colors using the brioche technique to create a double-sided fabric and designs.

Broomstick Lace

Crochet loops together to create a raindrop looking pattern.

Chain Maille ~ $25 (inc materials)

Chain Maille is the armor that the knights wore for protection. But you can also make jewelry using the same techniques.
Materials: Enough jump rings to make a bracelet in 4 colors, clasp/hook

Counted Cross Stitch *** $5 (inc materials)

Stitch a simple motif while learning the basics of counted cross stitch.
Materials: 8ct aida cloth, thread, pattern

Crochet 101 ~ $20 (inc yarn)

Learn tension & technique while making a sampler dishcloth.
You may either bring a crochet hook (size G, H, or I) if you have one or purchase one.
Materials: 1 ball Sugar n' Cream yarn

Dyeing with Koolaid

Dye a hank of yarn in your very own signature colorway.

Entrelac - Crochet

Learn an easy technique to create a interesting texture.

Entrelac - Knit

Learn how to knit a non-woven weave pattern.

FairIsle - Crochet

Create colored patterns using more than one color of yarn.

FairIsle - Knit

Working with one or more strands create patterns and pictures.

Felt Banners & Ornaments

Felt is FUN! Ornaments, banners, wall hangings - all kinds of creative things to make.

Felting - Needle

Painting or sculpting with fiber is the best way to describe this crafting method.

Felting - Wet

Knit or crochet, wash and viola' - purses, slippers, pin cushions, works of art.

Hairpin Lace

A lacy crochet technique using a hairpin lace loom.

Kitchener Stitch Lab ~ $40

Kitchener stitch doesn't have to be a mystery and confusing. It's actually quite fun, once you see the pattern to it. 
You'll also learn how to do a provisional cast on for kitchener stitching 2 ends together.
A tube knit in the round is necessary for this class - at least 80st. 
Other notions needed: darning needle

Knitting 101 ~ $20 (inc yarn)

Learn tension & technique while making a sampler dishcloth.
You may either bring knitting needles (size 7, 8 or 9) if you have some or purchase them.
Materials: 1 ball Sugar n' Cream yarn

Knitting boo-boos & uh oh's ~ $40

Learn how to recognize & fix the most common mistakes without un-knitting your project.
A knitted swatch 20sts x 40 rows still on the needles is needed for this class.

Stitched Cards *** $5 (inc materials)

Like string art, but using thread and a needle to create the design.
Materials: Cardstock, Envelope, Thread, Pattern

String Ornaments

A balloon, some string & patience to create some fun ornaments.

String Art

With a piece of wood, some nails & string you can create a simple or complex design or an optical illusion.

Tatting - Needle

Tatting is a method of making lace. Learn basic stitches using a tatting needle.

Tatting - Shuttle ~ $20 (inc materials)

Tatting is a method of making lace. Learn basic stitches using a shuttle.
Materials: Shuttle & thread

Tapestry Crochet ~ 

Use several strands to create colorful patterns

Tassels *** $5 (inc materials)

Tassels are just for fun! Put them on a fan pull, dress up a table runner or placemats, attach them to your purse, belly dancers love them, hang them on your car mirror, hang them on a necklace or earrings... Materials: 1 Embellish It! pack in the color of your choice

Tunisian Crochet

Also known as the Afghan Stitch, tunisian crochet creates a thick, dense fabric. Different stitch techniques can make it look like it was knitted.

Wire Sculpting ~ $20 (inc materials)

Bend wire into shapes to wear as jewelry.
Materials: Wire for one necklace motif or a pair of earrings

Wiggly Crochet

A technique where you create a grid base then double crochet designs using the grid as the anchor. 


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